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Princesses and Fairies available to appear at your party


Why not invite a fairytale princess to appear at your little ones party, either here at Pamper Your Princess or at a venue across Greater Manchester. Our wide selection of princesses can add that extra sprinkle of magic to any party. Make your little ones dream of meeting a real life princess come true.


Please note our princesses are played by more than one person and so if your little one has met a princess before, please inform us and we will do our best to assign you the same performer to ensure character consistency.


 Available to choose from... 


Our Princess of Beauty would love the opportunity to leave her poor provincial town to experience a magical adventure at your birthday party! Princess of Beauty could teach the birthday girl and her party guests how to be a princess by demonstrating elements of princess etiquette, including how to perform the perfect princess twirl which will be beautifully demonstrated by the Princess herself in her magnificent golden ball gown. As Princess of Beauty is sometimes known as a bookworm she will not hesitate to speak of her favourite fairy tales or even create a special one just for you with her vast imagination!


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 Everyone please welcome our new and very beautiful Frog Princess available to book now from Pamper Your Princess. She can't wait to come and sing and dance away with you and your party guests, she has so much to tell you about her crazy adventure as a frog before she met her prince and returned to become her true Princess self once again! She is a fun and exciting character and will no doubt bring that extra sprinkle of Princess magic to your birthday this year! Her beautiful Princess dress will blow you away as she makes her grand entrance to celebrate with you on your special day!!


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Our beautiful Arabian Princess would love to bring some magic to your special day! Teaching you some unique dance moves that she learnt back home she is sure to bring lots of fun and excitement. Ask her how she got to your party and she will tell you all about her friends and the magic carpet! Her beautiful outfit will leave you stunned as this princess is like no other! Looking for an exciting twist to your usual princess visit then this is the princess for you! The Arabian Princess will show you how to party like a true Princess..She is sure to open your eyes and take you wonder by wonder!




The First Princess would love to join you on your special day! Once arriving, she would love to begin by singing live for you and your party guests and will be able to answer any desired questions about her life in the kingdom of Enchancia. The First Princess will most definitely be able to share the princess etiquette with you and your party guests which she learns at Princess School, for example; how to curtsy, wave and blow a kiss as a Princess. Not forgetting to share with everyone the magic of her mystical Amulet of Avalor which bears her the ability to talk to animals. 

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Our brave and adventurous princess is available for parties. Bringing fun and excitement our Scottish beauty is sure to make your party one to remember! This party is sure to bne fun and energetic as she brings adventure and magic with her to celebrate your special day! She cannot wait to meet you and tell you all about her crazy and exciting adventures.

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Why don’t you share your birthday celebrations with the Snow Princess?! Our Frozen Fever package includes a special appearance from the Princess herself wearing her beautiful new dress which was a birthday gift from her sister! She will sing live whilst the birthday girl and her friends compete in the traditional Arrendale snowmen building game! After leading everybody in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and sharing this special moment with the birthday girl, she will tell the story of her very own birthday bash which is shown in the short film “Frozen Fever” and answer any desired questions before group and individual photo opportunities to remember this very special day.


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The Ice Queen will be sure to “Let it Go” and have fun with the birthday girl and all of her friends! Bring an essence of Arrendale to your birthday party as she will supply magical snow in addition to teaching all of the party guests the spell binding actions which are demonstrated within the film whilst singing live! During photo opportunities, the she would love to teach different poses in which the children can impersonate whilst having their pictures taken with the Ice Queen herself! 

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"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?". Our fun-loving Snow Princess of Arrendale would love to but not without the help of you and your party guests of course!! She would also love to teach you Arrendale traditions such as the Kingdom Dance or Kristoff's favourite party game "Troll Bumps". The Snow Princess will be sure to give an Olaf hug or two before she leaves your party to return to her royal duties back home in Arrendale.

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She's mischievous, she's cheeky and she's the most famous fairy in all of Pixie Hollow, our little Tinker Fairy would be thrilled to visit your party, bringing fun, laughter and of course tons and tons of pixie dust! Book now and let her sprinkle her magic and give you the most fun fairy filled day you could ever imagine!  

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Dry banana Hippy Hat!! Whoops I think that's supposed to say Happy birthday Anna.. Silly Olaf! After all the planning Frozen Fever Ice Queen has done she ended up with a cold but don't worry everyone it's cleared up now and she is ready to make an enchanting entrance at your birthday party this year! In her new and extremely beautiful dress she will bring lots of fun to the party!! Telling you all about the snowgies and the Snow Princesses special day she brings excitement and magic! The Ice Queen invites you all to sing and dance with her creating lots of fun and joy& she loves having pictures taken with you and your party guests whilst showing of her statement pose.. Ice powers at the ready everyone as it's going to be a day to remember!!


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The Sea princess is having so much fun exploring on land now she can 'play all day in the sun' with her new legs! She would love to be invited to your birthday party! The Mermaid Princess loves her DingleHopper that she uses to brush her long red hair, maybe you could teach her it's real name and how it's really used! This mischievous and very curious princess would love to hear about all the fun things you've been up to, she has so much to tell you about Life in the sea Kingdom! Being a mermaid means she has never seen candles before so she is more than excited to sing happy birthday with you and your friends as you make a barnacle birthday wish and blow out the candles!!


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Our long golden haired Princess is now free from the tower to come to your party. Singing, dancing and swirling around, having fun, she will make your birthday one you'll never forget! But just make sure you don't get tangled up in those magical locks. She has plaited her hair and decorated it with flowers, she'd love for you to sit with her and slide them around to give her a hair do fit for a princess.


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A dream is a wish your heart makes and this princess dreams of nothing more than to make a special appearance at your little ones party. Cinders will bring fun and elegance to your special day and you are certain to have a ball, something she knows all about! This dazzling princess with the sparkliest of dresses and the most beautiful slippers made of glass will show you everything she has learnt since becoming a princess before stopping to pose with you all for magical pictures.


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Introducing the Original Princess herself, the one who started it all! This beautiful princess has many talents, whilst looking after seven of her dwarf friends this sweet and cheerful princess can also talk to animals and is the perfect party host. With skin as white as snow, hair as black as coal and lips as red as a rose, she will show you how to be a true princess on your party day.


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Make it pink, make it blue, make it the Sleeping Princess who receives the invite to your party! This sleeping beauty is full of energy and is ready to bring fun and magic to your party after sleeping for so long! She brings a cheeky charm as she talks about her three ditzy fairy friends Lorna, Fauna and Merryweather! The princess will show you how to dance, wave and blow a kiss like she does. After she sings happy birthday to you, she goes home to tell the three fairies all about it!


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Our beautiful Cinders is back again, this time in her stunning new butterfly dress and as you can see it is breathtaking! Cinders is the perfect party guest, she loves to pose and wave now she no longer spends her days cooking and cleaning. She loves to go to parties and would love you to show her some dance moves that she can go home and show to all her little mice friends.

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Bibbidi Bobbidy Boo.. the Fairy Godmother is available to bring magic, excitement and fun to your party. Sing the song and use your hands to mimic her magical wand, this enchanting character creates an amazing experience for you and your guests. Whisper into your Fairy Godmother's ear and with any luck some day your wish will come true. The Fairy Godmother will declare you a real princess for the day and teaches you how to be true royalty!


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A very merry unbirthday to you!. Take a trip down the rabbit hole to greet Alice in Wonderland and celebrate your birthday! Alice will share her extraordinary adventures with the birthday girl and all her friends, host magical party games, lead everybody in singing "Happy Birthday" and not to forget multiple photo opportunities to remember your very special day! The curious and imaginative English beauty will surely be awaiting patiently upon your arrival! 

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Also available... Monster High Ghouls


The perfectly pampered vampire Draculaura could visit you and your friends at your very own birthday party. It would be a pleasure for Draculaura to teach a fangtastic feerleading routine which will be performed right before the eyes of your very own audience of family and friends! Draculaura’s extraordinary fearleading experience will most definitely be a memorable moment for the birthday girl on her special day. Draculaura herself will then hold a graduation ceremony where each party guest will be presented with a signed certificate if they were successful on their try-out to accompany Draculaura and her ghoulfriends on the most clawsome fear squad in all of Monster High!


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Being the new ghoul in school is hard for Frankiestein but I am sure she would fit right in with you and your ghoulfriends at your birthday party! Frankie will introduce everybody to her love for practical science and lead the birthday girl and her friends in a spooktacular scientific experiment which will be thoroughly enjoyed by ghouls of all ages! Before leaving Frankiestein will be sure to join in singing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girl, allow photo opportunities and even give an insight into what it is really like at Monster High by answering any desired questions and sharing her creeperific experiences at ghoul school!


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